General Rules

SportsBetMVP reserves the right to update or revise all general rules without prior notice

  1. As per the KYC Guidelines, SportsbetMVP must verify all the information registered upon signing up on all accounts before any payout is processed. It is the player’s sole responsibility to make sure all the information provided is real.
  2. SportsbetMVP allows only one account per person, family, household, address, computer, network connection, IP address, and/or payment method.
  3. To place wagers on the site, an account must be created for
  4. The placing of wagers by anyone under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited by any law.
  5. Overtime periods counts towards “Total” bets final score unless otherwise specified.
  6. Overtime periods count in the second half score for halftime wagers unless otherwise specified.
  7. SportsBetMVP grades all wagers on the date of the events conclusion. If an even is postponed, rescheduled and/or relocated before it starts, that event will automatically be graded “No Action”, wagered funds will be refunded to your gaming account.
  8. Winnings are credited to your gaming account and losses will be deducted from the same account.
  9. Nevada Gaming Commission rules apply to any wager or discrepancy not covered within the rules and regulations.
  10. Suspended games, or overturned outcomes do not affect previously graded wagers.
  11. Should a player have an online wagering claim, said claim needs to be submitted within 7 days of the event being graded. Any claim placed after this period will be discarded.
  12. Should there be a wagering claim for a bet placed over the phone, both the player and SportsbetMVP agree that the recording will serve as mediator for settling the dispute. Recordings are kept on a back-up file to a file. Phone claims must be submitted within 24 hours from the time the wager was made.
  13. SportsbetMVP will not disclose details of an individual’s net win or loss amount. It is the player’s responsibility to keep track of their winnings and report them to their proper authorities when residing in a taxable jurisdiction.
  14. Bonuses will only be added to a players account once the funds have been confirmed to reach SportsbetMVP.
  15. All players must meet all rollover requirements before requesting any withdrawal.
  16. SportsbetMVP does not keep track of your account balance for you. That’s your responsibility.
  17. SportsBetMVP credits all winnings to SportsBetMVP accounts. We cannot credit winnings to outside accounts.
  18. We reserve the right to place limits on amounts wagered or amounts won at any time.
  19. SportsbetMVP reserves the right to rescind any bonus monies paid on referral accounts that are subsequently cancelled or suspended.
  20. The maximum a player may win in any given 24-hour period is $100,000 USD.
  21. SportsBetMVP takes fraud seriously. Any attempts at committing fraud towards the company/staff/players in any way, will be dealt with in the proper manner, including notifying the proper authorities.
  22. All wagers are final regardless of the method in which it was placed.
  23. SportsbetMVP reserves the right to shut off wagering on any sporting event when we see fit.
  24. SportsBetMVP may deem any wager invalid when and if: bet placed on line error, bet placed after game has started, wagers that occur under any and all circumstances deemed suspect by SportsBetMVP.
  25. SportsbetMVP reserves the right to restrict the number of players that may take part in any promotion when deemed correctly at their own discretion.
  26. SportsBetMVP reserves the right to limit maximum risk exposure. This includes shutting down any and all accounts with suspect activity, or limiting wagering amounts.
  27. You are responsible for any unauthorized use of your account number and password. If you feel your account has been compromised, contact us immediately.
  28. Would the case arise that a player has abused of language/actions towards a SportsbetMVP employee, we reserve the right to close any and all accounts in relation of said event.