Placing a wager on SportsBetMVP is easy. Here are the steps:

1. Decide on what game you wish to make a wager.

2. Decide on your bet type: against the spread or moneyline.

3. Decide on which team you wish to wager.

4. Check mark the bet of your choice. For example, if you like Kansas City -6 over Oakland, check mark Kansas City -6.

5. Decide on your bet amount.

6. Make your bet.

If you have trouble, don’t worry. A SportsBetMVP customer service representative can help.

SportsBetMVP rejects payout requests that don’t meet two conditions:

First, customers must request payouts from verified their accounts. Second, customers must satisfy all rollover requirements before any payouts process.   

Please note that false or incomplete bank information may also lead to rejected payout requests.

Favorites vs Underdogs

You can determine favoritism by looking at the odds. In against the spread wagers, the favorite offers points:

Team A -6 vs. Team B

-6 odds means that Team A must beat Team B by at least 7 points for Team A to win against the spread.

In moneyline wagers, you must invest more on favorites:

Team A -150 to beat Team B

-150 odds means that you must wager $150 for a return of $100 should Team A beat Team B.

In against the spread (ATS) wagers, the underdog gets points:

Team B +6 (-110) vs Team A

+6 ATS odds means that Team B could lose by 5 points or less and Team B backers win their wagers.

In moneyline wagers, the underdog often pays above even money:

Team B +150 to beat Team A

The +150 odds means that for every $100 wagered, the payout is $150 on winning bets.

If you have any questions, call a SportsBetMVP customer service rep.