$45 min / No max

Available online or over the phone


$45 min / $5,000 max a week

Bitcoin Information

In the sportsbook industry, Bitcoin deposits and payouts are preferred. SportsBetMVP encourages all its clients to deposit via BTC. We also encourage all our clients to request payouts via BTC.

See below for reasons why Bitcoin is the preferred method.

1. Deposits happen in close to real time.

2. Bitcoin provides a specific code that sits on the blockchain.

3. SportsBetMVP does not charge deposit or withdrawal fees for BTC transactions. No 2 codes are the same.

4. Bitcoin is person-to-person. The only third-party entity are wallets like Cash App or Jaxx Liberty. This prevents theft during transactions.

Read this article if you have any questions about Bitcoin. You can also call a SportsBetMVP with questions.


  • SportsBetMVP reserves the right to to reject or deny any deposits based on our internal criteria.
  • If you use a credit card deposits, name must match SportsBetMVP account name. Any name discrepancies could result in a rejected deposit.
  • SportsBetMVP sets deposit limits based on deposit method. Call a customer service rep with any questions.
  • We deal with any attempt at deposit fraud in a relevant manner.
  • Any winnings that result from the illicit use of deposit methods results in forfeiture.
  • SportsBetMVP’s default currency used are U.S. dollars.
  • Try to deposit before your game. We are not responsible if the deposit time forces you to miss specific wagers.
  • SportsBetMVP is not responsible for any and all fees associated with bank, credit card, or any other deposits.
  • We reserve the right to change available deposit methods without further notice.
  • SportsBetMVP rules supersede any communications made by one of our employees or representatives.
  • SportsBetMVP takes no responsibility for any outside fees, local jurisdictions, or anything else that may impact deposits. We reserve the right to change our rules without prior notice.


Withdrawals Feeds

At SportsBetMVP we strive for the lowest and fairest fees possible. Depending on your withdrawal method of choice, we can eliminate fees all together.

If you use Bitcoin, you’re in luck. We never charge fees for Bitcoin deposits or withdrawals.

Contact our Customer Service team to see if you qualify for a free payout. The withdrawal fees SportsBetMVP charges depends on withdrawal method desired.

Maximum & Minimum Withdrawals Amounts

Withdrawal amounts are dependent on the payout method chosen. Bitcoin offers both the lowest and highest amount requested.

Although you should try to request Bitcoin withdrawals, you can request whichever payout method we offer. Call a SportsBetMVP rep for withdrawal methods.

Remember, you must satisfy any rollover requirements before requesting a payout. Also, you must request a payout from a verified account.

For information on rollover requirements call a SportsBetMVP customer service rep.

We process payouts as they arrive. SportsBetMVP processes Bitcoin payouts faster than other payout methods. Call a customer service rep to confirm all withdrawal rules.

  1. Once in process, SportsBetMVP deducts payout requests from account balances
  2. Players can only request payouts from verified accounts
  3. Players must satisfy all rollover requirements before any payout processes.
  4. Players can request a SportsBetMVP payout 5-days a week (Mon-Fri).
  5. Max two requests per week since the last approved payout.
  6. SportsBetMVP only processes payouts to account holders.
  7. SportsBetMVP cannot process payout requests if you have pending deposits.
  8. All payout requests happen online. If you must, contact a customer service rep to help you make a payout request.
  9. Submitting a payout request does not guarantee payout request approval. Call if you run into an issue.
  10. SportsBetMVP may ask for other information, or other documentation, before processing a payout request. Failure to provide requested information leads to payout request forfeiture.
  11. Players are responsible for correct information: name, email address, physical address, phone number, and bank information.
  12. SportsBetMVP reserves the right to send payouts via a different method than the one requested. We will notify you if we must do this.
  13. Once SportsBetMVP authorizes payouts, we cannot pull them back.
  14. SportsBetMVP reserves to the right to change payout methods, limits, and fees without prior notification.
  15. SportsBetMVP reserve the right to deny, reverse or hold any payout request if we suspect fraud or violations of the terms and conditions.
  16. Withdrawal and payout rules nullify all SportsBetMVP employee verbal and written  communications.