Here you will find everything needed to create a SportsBetMVP account. Further reading will instruct on making deposits, our rewards programs, where to find your bonus, and how to change your password.

Creating a SportsBetMVP Account

To get started, click the Join button at the top of the page. Complete the form and hit on the “Join” button to create your SportsBetMVP account.

Depositing to a SportsBetMVP Account

Players can fund their SportsBetMVP account via the following methods:

  • Visa, MasterCard prepaid, credit and debit cards
  • E-check
  • Bitcoin
  • Money Gram

To deposit, head to the Cashier. Click deposit and follow the instructions.

We recommend depositing via Bitcoin as SportsBetMVP does not charge fees for Bitcoin deposits or withdrawals.

Deposit terms

  • SportsBetMVP reserves the right to to reject or deny any deposits based on our internal criteria.
  • If you use a credit card deposits, the names must match SportsBetMVP account name. Any name discrepancies could result in a rejected deposit.
  • SportsBetMVP sets deposit limits based on deposit method. Call a customer service rep with any questions.
  • We deal with any attempt at deposit fraud in a relevant manner.
  • Any winnings that result from the illicit use of deposit methods results in forfeiture.
  • SportsBetMVP’s default currency used are U.S. dollars.
  • Try to deposit before your game. We are not responsible if the deposit time forces you to miss specific wagers.
  • SportsBetMVP is not responsible for any and all fees associated with bank, credit card, or any other deposits.
  • We reserve the right to change available deposit methods without further notice.
  • SportsBetMVP rules supersede any communications made by one of our employees or representatives.
  • SportsBetMVP takes no responsibility for any outside fees, local jurisdictions, or anything else that may impact deposits. We reserve the right to change our rules without prior notice.

Claiming a Bonus

While making a deposit, the Cashier will have the option to attach a Bonus. Any player that wants a promotion added, must click “Yes”. By doing this, the player agrees to satisfy all bonus rollover requirements before SportsBetMVP can process withdrawals.

SportsBetMVP Bonuses: What Wager Types Qualify

See rules regarding bonus wager types:

  1. Free Play may be used to wager on all major sports on straight bets and parlay bets only.
  2. Free Play cannot be used to play in the online Racebook or online Casino.
  3. Free Play may be used on odds between -150 and +150.
  4. Max winning amount on a free play wagers is $500.

In order to use the free play money to make a wager, make sure to check the “Use Free Play” box before placing any wager.

How to Locate the Bonus?

Once a deposit has been made and a promotion agreed upon, the Free Play balance will be updated. The Free Play balance can be found under the “My Account” option.

What SportsBetMVP Bonuses Can Be Claimed

We offer the most competitive bonuses in the online sportsbook industry. Our marketing team sends special bonus offers via email and SMS after creating an account.

Bonus Rollover Requirements

Before submitting a payout request, you must satisfy any and all rollover requirements. Rollover require-ments are attached to bonuses. Any sportsbook or casino bonus requires a rollover to happen before a payout request.

Rollover requirements come in different monetary values. We calculate rollovers based on the times you must turn over the bonus. A 10x rollover requirement means that you must turn over the bonus 10 times before requesting a payout.

Only the lesser amount between the risk and win will count towards the rollover.

For Example: If you accept a 10x rollover on a $100 deposit, you must wager at least $2,000 before request-ing a payout.

$100 + $100 x 10 = $2,000

You can always decline a bonus if you’re not willing to take on a rollover. You may also contact our Cus-tomer Service representatives with any questions.

Adding a New Card to Your SportsBetMVP Account

Follow these instructions to add a new credit card for deposits:

  1. Click on Cashier
  2. Select the Card option
  3. Enter card information
  4. Complete deposit with new card

Withdrawal Limits

All players are entitled to request up to 2 withdrawals per week, up to a maximum of $5K per week payout every natural 5 days from their last withdrawal.

Bitcoin – $100 minimum – $5,000 max

Wire Transfer – $100 minimum – $5,000

E-Check – $100 minimum – $5,000

Withdrawals Fees

At SportsBetMVP we strive for the lowest and fairest fees possible. Depending on your withdrawal method of choice, we can eliminate fees all together. If you use Bitcoin, you’re in luck. We never charge fees for Bitcoin deposits or withdrawals. Contact our Customer Service team to see if you qualify for a free payout. The withdrawal fees SportsBetMVP charges depends on withdrawal method desired.

Maximum & Minimum Withdrawal Amounts

Withdrawal amounts are dependent on the payout method chosen. Bitcoin offers both the lowest and highest amount requested. Although you should try to request Bitcoin withdrawals, you can request whichever payout method we offer. Call a SportsBetMVP rep for withdrawal methods. Remember, you must satisfy any rollover requirements before requesting a payout. Also, you must request a payout from a verified account. For information on rollover requirements call a SportsBetMVP customer service rep.

Withdrawal Rules

We process payouts as they arrive. SportsBetMVP processes Bitcoin payouts faster than other payout methods. Call a customer service rep to confirm all withdrawal rules.

  1. Once in process, SportsBetMVP deducts payout requests from account balances.
  2. Players can only request payouts from verified accounts.
  3. SportsBetMVP does not process payouts to third party accounts.
  4. Players must satisfy all rollover requirements before any payout processes.
  5. Players can request a SportsBetMVP payout during business days from 9 am to 5 pm (Eastern Time), every 7 business days from the last approved payout, limits reset.
  6. 6. SportsBetMVP cannot process payout requests if you have pending deposits just as players would be unable to deposit while there’s an active withdrawal.
  7. All payout requests happen online. If you must, contact a customer service rep to help you make a payout request.
  8. Submitting a payout request does not guarantee payout request approval. Call if you run into an issue.
  9. SportsBetMVP may ask for other information, or other documentation, before processing a payout request. Failure to provide requested information leads to payout request forfeiture.
  10. Players are responsible for inputting correct information: name, email address, physical address, phone number, and bank information or e-wallet information.
  11. SportsBetMVP reserves the right to send payouts via a different method than the one requested. We will notify you if we must do this.
  12. Once SportsBetMVP authorizes payouts, we cannot pull them back.
  13. SportsBetMVP reserves the right to change payout methods, limits, and fees without prior notification.
  14. SportsBetMVP reserve the right to deny, reverse or hold any payout request if we suspect fraud or violations of the terms and conditions.
  15. Withdrawal and payout rules nullify all SportsBetMVP employee verbal and written communications.

Documents SportsBetMVP Requires for Withdrawals

Before processing any withdrawal, SportsbetMVP must verify the account holder’s information.

The following information is required.

1. Front and back photo of 2 signed government issued ID:

1. Driver’s License

2. Passport

3. State identification card

2. Front and back photo back of the credit/debit cards used to deposit

1. Full view of the first 6 digits and last 4 digits on all cards is needed.

2. The expiration date on all cards must be viewable.

3. The name of the card holder must be visible on all cards.

For any questions, contact the SportsBetMVP customer service department.

Re-Open a Closed SportsBetMVP Account

If your SportsBetMVP account is closed and wish to re-open it, you may receive assistance by contacting our SportsbetMVP customer service staff.

Retrieve SportsBetMVP Account Number

Contact a SportsBetMVP customer service representative. Ask for your account number and follow the verification process.

Retrieve a SportsBetMVP Password

Contact customer service via chat, email or phone.

Viewing Open/Pending Bets

SportsBetMVP classifies all wagers Open Bets until the moment they are graded.

To view Open/Pending Bets:

1. Click “My Account”.

2. Select Open Bets.

Viewing an account Bet History

To view the Bet History:

1. Click “My Account”.

2. Click “Bet History”.

3. The Bet History can be viewed by week and may be revised up until the last 4 weeks.

4. Players can also view all graded wagers for a specific day. Simply filter it for the day you wish to check.

Changing Account Contact Information

To change any account information players must call SportsBetMVP customer service to have any account information modifications made.

Closing a SportsBetMVP Account

Contact a SportsBetMVP customer service representative in order to close an account.